maandag 25 juni 2012

Leela Yoga EVENT Wednesday may 27th + fusionyoga INFO

Hallo Fusionyogies,

Komende woensdag geen fusionyoga, maar een lezing georganiseerd Peter Marchand.
Onderaan dit bericht meer info.

Fusionyoga gaat deze zomer gewoon verder met de wekelijkse sessies in OBSG.
Alvast tot eind 2012 steeds op woensdag van 18u tot 20u

We kunnen ook al meegeven dat we in de herfst nog eens een filmavond houden.
En een Fusion - Leela Yoga Weekend zal zeer waarschijnlijk half november plaatsvinden.

Geniet van de zomer, de zon en de vacantie.
Tot ziens, Marc, Cladia en Tom

Indien je geen mail meer wil ontvangen stuur dan een bericht naar met als onderwerp 'uitschrijven' 

Ram Ram,
Please feel reminded about this very special spiritual opportunity on wednesday :
On June 27th, Narmada Devi Puri Ma is visiting Gent. Narmada Devi or Mataji is a remarquable german lady who became a sadhu in India over 30 years ago. Only since 2 years she is coming back to the West. This time it is for a short tour and we are fortunate enough to be able to receive her. For Peter Marchand, after Harish Johari left his body, Mataji has been a main teacher. Being a western with such an intense sadhu experience, she is a very interesting teacher, in part because she often better understands our "western" questions than many indian teachers. To many women obviously, she is a fine example and to all she is a Mother, a Mataji. She can answer difficult questions in an easy way, whether they are personal or more general. She also wrote the unique book "Tears of Bliss". See an attached image of Narmada Devi.
More information on Mataji can be found here :
The program is in two parts and everybody can attend as they see fit to one or both parts, without needing to subscribe in advance - don't doubt, just come :
Wednesday 27/6/2012 : from 14:00 to 18:00 : Meeting Mataji in Sint-Denijs Westrem.
Everybody is welcome from 2 to 6 to come and meet Mataji at Peter Marchand's house in Sint-Denijs Westrem. Especially those who already know her from the Santoshpuri ashram in Hardwar should use this opportunity to have a more direct meeting. Of course anybody is invited whether they know Mataji or not and all can benefit from the no-program time. Hopefully the weather is fine and we can all sit in the garden and have a great Satsang.
Location : Jeroom Duquesnoylaan 8, 9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem. See a map here :
Wednesday 27/6/2012 : from 18:00 to 22:00 : Mataji Lecture : "Renounce & Enjoy" in Gent.
GUEST SEMINAR by Narmada Devi Puri Ma on renouncement and enjoyment, two essential choices in life. Since we have 4 hours at the OBSG (the people of Fusion Yoga have been so nice to give up their own class for this event) there will also be enough time for Q & A afterwards. Indian sweets will be made available in sufficient amounts to keep us from getting too hungry...
Location :OBSG (Ontmoeting Buitenlandse Studenten Gent) - Kortrijksesteenweg 500 - 9000 Gent.  This location is very close to the Sint-Pieters Station. Enter through a big blue door, pass through a short hall and cross the garden to reach the yoga room. See a map here :
Price : as usual this Leela Yoga activity is free of charge, but as usual also when we have foreign teachers visiting, we will ask for a donation to be made in order to help with the traveling costs. Whatever else remains will go to the Santoshpuri Ashram in Hardwar, which is a very worthy cause. 
There is no need to subscribe to this event. Just don't miss it if you can :-)
Beginners and more advanced students can attend to any class. Missing a class is no problem - subjects rotate anyhow. What to bring : loose chlotes and a small mat or blanket for sitting/lying on are always handy. All these classes happen in an open spirit, recognizing all forms of yoga and spirituality as being one. Giving free classes does not mean that there is some commercial or sectarian nonsense involved. Free just makes it more simple.
Try not to miss this very special day...
Ram Ram,
Peter Marchand